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Capacity Building: This is the section of your plan where clinical hours are taken from. This will often include time for assessment, fitting and any reviews in the first 8 weeks after fitting.  

Assistive Technology: This is the part of your NDIS plan that orthoses fall under.  

Common NDIS Terminology

There are three ways in which your plan can be managed. Different parts of your plan can also be managed in different ways, so there may be a combination of the options below.  

NDIA managed: In this management option, the NDIA will manage funds, so we are able to claim directly through the NDIS portal.

Plan managed: Your plan manager will pay providers for your, and help manage your funds. If you are plan managed, at Interface Orthotics, we can go straight to your plan management agency and give them invoices.  ​ 

Self managed: This means the NDIA gives you funding so you can access the supports you need. At Interface Orthotics we will give you an invoice which you will pay before leaving with your device.  

NDIS  Management Options 

To be accepted into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) there are a number of categories you must meet. These include age, residency status, and the nature and permanency of your disability.  

Orthotic devices in all their forms, fall under the Assistive Technology (AT) category on your NDIS plan. Though each plan is different, we require AT funding to be available.  

Every NDIS plan is made unique to the individual it supports. Your planning meeting is where you are able to discuss the things you will need included in your next plan. The team at Interface Orthotics are available to provide supporting documents when required.  

Accessing the NDIS 

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) logo.

NDIS Support

Interface Orthotics is a registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

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