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Spinal orthoses are used to stabilise the spine, prevent harmful movement and reduce pain. These are often prescribed after a trauma to the spine resulting in fractured vertebrae, but can be used at other times to reduce pain and movement.  

The team at Interface Orthotics work closely with the occupational therapy and physiotherapy teams at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital to help provide this orthotic care.  

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What is an Orthotist?

An Orthotist is a tertiary qualified Allied Health Professional who is responsible for assessing and providing orthotic therapy for people who experience physical and functional limitations resulting from injury, illness and disability. Orthotists are trained to prescribe, design, fabricate, fit and monitor orthoses worn by clients. At Interface Orthotics, all our Orthotists are all Qualified, Insured and are certified members of the Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA).

Interface Orthotics is a long standing Perth based orthotic practice, with family values, and a focus on delivering personalised and high quality patient care. We enjoy working with a large variety of patients, and collaborating with them to achieve their goals. 

At Interface Orthotics, services provided are based around a model of health care, which balances the scientific evidence with the clinician’s experience and the patient’s preferences, values and goals. 

Our clients have all sorts of ideas about how they want to make the most of our capabilities. Some simply want to be able to walk, rest or stand in comfort and stability, while others are focused on being able to snowboard, skate or run. Often, clients are looking for conservative options to delay or avoid surgery and other invasive procedures. Whatever the main priorities are, all are looking for a solution that suits their wants as well as their needs. At Interface Orthotics, we understand the importance of these goals and priorities.

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